Grounded in Hope

Several years ago my lifelong faith journey took a sudden and unexpected turn.  Nothing unusual in this, really.  Suffice it to say that  following Jesus had led me to a new church home where I have been fully embraced.

Part of this journey involved being confirmed a second time.  My first confirmation took place when I was twelve years old.  My new community of faith has a different way of looking at apostolic succession than my former community.  Thus, the requirement of a second confirmation for those of us in the class coming from “evangelical” faith traditions.

I struggled with this for a number of weeks and asked questions of the priest who was conducting our confirmation class, our deacon, and others.  In the end, I chose to be confirmed again and did so with both understanding and compassion.

I had spent two years preparing myself for this transition beginning with my first encounter with an Episcopal priest in 2014 through my confirmation in May 2017.   In embracing this sudden and unexpected turn of events, I find that I have emerged from my chrysalis fully grounded in hope.

“Praise to the Lord; over all things he gloriously reigneth:  borne as on eagle wings, safely his saints he sustaineth.”





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